State-of-the-art and healthy textiles produced with inspiration and passion

More and more people are suffering allergies. Many times textile colours or artificial ingredients in clothes are the reasons for allergic reactions. To address and avoid these issues is the mission of S. Schweikardt Moden Ltd and its managing director Irene Schweikardt. More than 25 years ago Irene had serious health issues based on negative impacts of unhealthy textile ingredients. This challenging experience was the starting point of her first natural fibre collection and with this the graduated textile technician pioneered the natural fibre business.

Creating fashionable textiles out of natural fibres is the vision of this leading edge company and doing this without compromising the natural fibre policy. Quality products with a long-lasting fashionable look play an essential role in the company’s philosophy. Meeting environmental standards as well as considering social aspects of all stake holders is the foundation of this Swabia family business.

Fabrics are done with passion and inspiration. The range of articles shows unique patterns, sophisticated designs, harmonized colours, and modern cuttings. Careful workmanship produces “feel-well” fashion that is up-to-date and good looking for years. The business is focussed on natural fabrics and its brand DUNQUE stands for a fashionable and well rounded range of products made out of finest merino wool, lambs wool, controlled cultivation cotton wool, and other premium-class natural fabrics.

DUNQUE is made for people who are respectful of their life and are conscious of their health and do not want to compromise with chemical ingredients in their clothing. However, people who do at the same time want to wear fashionable and individual clothes. DUNQUE is a high quality brand »Made in Germany« in a small town in the South of Germany. Very positive customer feedbacks as well as sales growth over several years are successfully proofing DUNQUE’s customer orientation and the high quality standard produced by the hand-selected 20 employee’s team.

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